The Pizza includes among the famous foods in all over the world. The people of every age group love to eat Pizza. Pizza has various kinds of flavors, toppings, and crusts. You eat pizza according to your taste. The surprising question about Pizza always comes in mind that why the round pizzas in a square box? The packaging of Pizza is still in rectangular shape pizza boxes. This puzzling question debated among friends and pizza lovers many times. Here we will share some reasons for square shape pizza boxes. 

No Complexity in Manufacturing 

The primary advantage of a square shape box is for the manufacturers of the boxes. The boxes are made with a single sheet of cardboard. The pizza boxes easily store them for wholesale business and pizza boxes suppliers. These cardboard boxes are lightweight and do not occupy a lot of space in-store and during shipping. The millions of people order the Pizza in a day, the cardboard boxes sheets are easily made to fulfill the requirement of the Pizza in time.


The cardboard boxes are not expensive. The cardboard material and sheets are not costly. The manufacturers easily afford the manufacturing cost. Therefore, the cheap pizza boxes of cardboard are widely used and highly demanded. 

Technical Features

Some technical sides also involved in constructing the square shape of a pizza box. 

  • The square shape boxes do not have many hinges, while the round tables will consist of many hooks that create difficulties in the manufacturing process. 
  • More of the time will be required to make a round box as compared to a square table.
  • The round box will be damaged quickly than a square table.
  • There is left some space in square boxes after placing Pizza. You can easily lift up the piece. 
  • You can keep extra stuffing material in the empty space that is not possible in the round box.

Protection of Pizza

The square corrugated pizza boxes and cardboard pizza packaging keep safe the Pizza. The dough remains at the corners and does not spread all over the tables. The rectangular plates are protective of pizza safety.


The square pizza packaging is available in a large variety. The pizza boxes suppliers and pizza boxes wholesalers are facilitating with custom printed pizza boxes, white pizza boxes, and corrugated pizza boxes and cardboard pizza boxes. The cardboard boxes have one sheet. The corrugated boxes have more than one-sheets. The Pizza and its topping remain fresh, hot, and safe inside these boxes. These boxes are made with high-quality material. The sheet used in these boxes keeps Pizza safe and sound. The custom pizza boxes and custom printed pizza boxes are trendy in all over the world. The customized boxes are prepared as per your demand and choice. You can print the boxes and packaging as you want. The custom pizza boxes in the UK are highly demanded.

Designing and Printing of Pizza Boxes            

The square boxes are designed and printed in multiple ways. You can print the custom printed boxes as per your demand. You can print and create the tables with your brand name, the logo with modern and technical methods. You can also write some messages to your customers on custom pizza boxes. 

Long-Lasting Impression

When customers receive square pizza boxes with elegant packaging at their destinations, the packaging lasts an impression. The enacting and inspiring packaging raise the rating of your Pizza. The customers love to receive the Pizza in stunning printed pizza boxes.

Square Boxes are Profitable for Wholesale Business

The square boxes are easy to manufacture with lower input and manufacturing costs. Therefore, the pizza boxes for wholesale businesses are very profitable. You can make a large number of tables at cheaper rates. The pizza boxes suppliers are flourishing their businesses by facilitating pizza boxes at wholesale in the UK. You can also generate high profits by offering the pizza boxes for sale to your clients. The cheap pizza boxes also give an extra advantage to boost your purchase among your competitors.