Morocco is a bustling North African landscape with a multitude of different cultural influences into one unique blend.  On your Morocco holidays, you would definitely get the golden chance to explore the richness and diversity of this fantastic African landscape.

This beatific country proudly flaunts the incredible gem cities like Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakesh, Agadir and Tangier.

From golden Agadir beaches, ancient Marrakesh ruins and urban Rabat infrastructure, Morocco contains everything for every beholder. Whether you wade through the mazy labyrinths of Marrakesh Medina streets or take rest in soothing scintillating souks, you would have an everlastingly memorable and cheery Morocco time to cherish ahead in life.

Delectable Marrakesh Cuisine

After the splendid shopping experience in Marrakesh souks and learning amusing haggling skills of local souk owners you would definitely love to know how good the Moroccan food is indeed.

During your cheerful Morocco holidays, enjoy the amazing pancake breakfasts with awesome Moroccan orange juice or have evening stops to take lip-soothing Moroccan mint tea or devour the luscious creamy chocolates Moroccan pastries. You are going to complete your tastiest Morocco tour indeed.

Top Tastiest Marrakesh Cafes


As Marrakesh is brimmed with various outstanding food places, so we have handpicked some of the amazing cafes and eateries for you. You can choose anyone of the following during your Marrakesh stay.


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It is located in the heart of the Marrakesh Medina. This restaurant proudly flaunts the modern, minimal and chic building.  The Marrakesh cafe welcomes its clients with the ultra-modern Moroccan menu based on simplicity, fresh local spices and international dishes with a Moroccan twist. It is the superb choice to enjoy your splendid Moroccan visit.

While sitting in this café in the evening, you would be left spellbound with the mesmerizing scenery of the sunset, views of square and Atlas Mountains. While selecting from the Menu card, don’t forget to taste the special Nomad couscous and vegetable fritters. Your little captains would love the special Nomad burger for sure.

Café Clock

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After your cheerful visitation to the Bahia Palace, reach this awesome food place in the evening.  It is super café with expert chefs and compassionate team. Get some freshly baked yummy bread and cookies with coffee prior to leaving this place.  You should also try camel burger and lemonade with mint.

We would also recommend you to attend their special laudable workshops and evening talks to get to know about the different aspects of Moroccan culture.

Le Jardin

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It is another must stay food spot after a long day rambling into the buzzing Marrakesh streets. After devouring the fresh juices and succulent dishes from this amazing Marrakesh restaurant, you would feel energetic for sure. Le Jardin is known popularly for its green zellige and never ending greenery that takes the world roamers from the buzzing souk world to tranquil atmosphere with melodious birds chirping all around.

Its menu card is brimmed with the tastiest variety of traditional and European cuisines.  The cream lovers can have Berbery pardrige Bastilla with sour cream. You can taste their special Briouates with Tomato confit.  You may enjoy the chicken and pear tagine as your main dish. The seafood lovers can have delectable grilled octopus. The vegetarians can savor their tastebuds with seasoned vegetable tagine.

Henna Art Café


This artistic food paradise offers you a blissful escape from the crowds and noise of Djemaa el Fna. It is a great healthful diner that also includes a gift shop, art gallery, roof terrace and a beatific school of henna art where the visitors can observe the amazing hand artwork of the talented henna artists.

In terms of food, the vegetarian or vegan fellas can enjoy the hummus soup and caramelized pumpkin. And the meat lovers can savor the grilled turkey brochettes.

Atay Café

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We advise you to stumble across the Atay Café to enjoy the lip soothing coffee of the Atay Café. This amazing food spot is one of the best cafes of Marrakesh.  It consists of various terraces with super soft seats and shaded areas with the best outside sky scenery.

Café Arabe

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If you want to enjoy the relaxing drinks with crunchy snacks turn to this gorgeous café.  You can also soothe your limbs with the relaxing beer because this amazing food place is the traditional Marrakesh riad itself.  The opulent décor with laid back atmosphere would let you chill out. If you are looking for the scrumptious Italian cuisine, then you are at right place for sure. Café Arabi serves the mouthwatering Italian cuisine for the Italian food lovers.

Al Bahriya

During your Morocco Holidays, if you really want to have a keen and close observation of traditional Marrakesh culture, you must head to the way of Al-Bahriya. This buzzing Marrakesh restaurant is brimmed with inspiring Marrakesh locals displaying their distinct rich Moroccan culture with eye-catching attires.

In terms of food, this restaurant is popular for the fish dishes and the clients can choose whatever fish dish they like. This awesome sea food restaurant amiably serves the fresh and nicely cooked dishes to the seafood lovers at much affordable rates.

You must give it a try for give a differently tasty experience to your taste buds.