In this digital era, eCommerce has taken over the market. With the rising number of eCommerce websites, there is a need to establish a business and to ensure profitable customer response. In this article, we will discuss three simple tricks to increase eCommerce sales. 

 Digital marketing and social media marketing have become the top marketing strategies in business. With this, we encounter numerous ads, posts, and messages endorsing different products and services by different brands, influencers, and businesses. These ads, promotions often lead the viewer to the website where those products are actually sold. These are the eCommerce websites. 

There are over 24 million eCommerce stores all over the world, but when we come to think of the top websites, only a handful come to our mind. Brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc, don’t need an introduction, but there are some pages that require optimization to profitably increase customer response and generate sales. Any digital marketer thinking that they can relax after returning to work on day one are not thinking straight. It is important for every company to be ready to start working from day one, especially in digital marketing. This is why a content strategy is essential going into day one in order to make sure the professionals working on content have a direction to follow.

Allow guest purchase

When a new customer visits your website, choose several products that they wish to buy and fill up their carts, they assume that 95% of the job is done. All that is left is payment and providing the delivery address. While this may seem like the best option, there are very few websites that make it as simple and customer friendly. Many websites make the mistake of allowing purchases only to registered customers. To get rid of it and not lose potential sales, eCommerce websites should allow guest purchases. Guest purchases are customer-friendly, and also increase the chances of the customer becoming a regular visitor of the website. 

Optimize the buying process 

Your eCommerce website may have registered customer purchases, guest purchases, or both(ideally). Once the customer moves onto the payment and personal details page, there are often chances that they may leave their cart as it is, getting frustrated by the numerous landing pages added to the buying process. Make the process as less tedious as possible, asking for only the necessary details.  

Add product videos (use for youtube marketing)

Most eCommerce websites provide images of the products they are selling. When a video of the product is added, the chances of it getting sold increase exponentially.  A video provides an experience as to how the customer could use the product themselves. These videos can also be used for YouTube Marketing down the line. 

In Conclusion: 

The eCommerce industry is grand, with many competitors selling similar products and services. To increase eCommerce sales organically, there are several steps to be incorporated into the business plan. In this article, we discussed three simple tricks to increase eCommerce sales.   

About the Author: Abhishek Upadhya is a tech blogger and analyst. He has a substantial follower base on his personal blog on the topic of eCommerce and marketing. He currently works as a guest lecturer at, a good place to pursue a digital marketing training in Delhi.