The GRE test is the one test for graduate and professional school which includes business and law. Getting an advanced degree leads to the opening up of new opportunities. Education pays in greater earnings and decreases the unemployment rate. Whether you plan on going to graduate school or just exploring your options, you are definitely taking a step towards your future. The GRE test helps bring out the best in you on the test day. With the GRE general test, you get to decide which scores to send to schools. You can retake the test if you feel you did not do well enough and send only those scores to the schools and colleges you wish to go to. The score select option is available only with the GRE tests. 

The GRE general test is the only test for graduate and professional schools which allows you to skip the questions within a section and lets you go back and change your answers, you will have a control on how to tackle the questions within a section and lets you choose the question you want to answer first. 

The GRE test consists of questions that reflect the kind of thinking you will be doing in your graduate schools and it covers the following aspects: 

  1. Verbal reasoning: This section measures the ability to analyze and draw conclusions from the discourse and reason from incomplete data. It also puts your mind to work and makes you understand multiple levels of meaning be it literal, figurative or author’s intent. You will be asked to summarize the text and distinguish between major and minor points. The next part is to understand the meanings of words and sentences and figure out the relationship between words and concepts. This section focuses on the complex verbal reasoning skills. 
  2. Quantitative reasoning: This section measures your ability to understand and interpret quantitative information and helps you solve problems using mathematical models. You will be asked to apply the basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra and data analysis. There is more emphasis on quantitative reasoning skills. GRE quant questions are a bit tricky, so make sure you do sufficient practice before the D-day. 
  3. Analytical writing: This section measures your critical thinking and writing skills. It also tests your ability to articulate and support the complex ideas with relevant reasons supported with examples. There is more emphasis on your analytical writing skills accompanied by evidence. 

Prospective graduate and business school students from all around the world who want to pursue their master’s can take up the GRE general test. GRE scores are used by admissions panels to supplement your undergraduate records and recommendation letters as well. The GRE general test is accepted by thousands of graduate schools including business and law divisions.

GRE quant questions will help you stay prepared for the test. You can easily ace the GRE test with practice of the previous years papers and working on your reasoning skills. With the selective score approach, you can easily focus more on each section of the paper.