The boyfriend, J, is a huge hair person. Huge. So when I received an email asking if I wanted to trial this hair gel/cream, I jumped at the chance.

American Crew: ULTRAMATTE is a medium-hold fixative with a matte finish that deeply nourishes to improve hair thickness and vitality. Not only does it deliver on-trend styling, ULTRAMATTE is super easy to use. Apply liberally to damp hair, style into shape and brush through once. The matte finish will be activated once hair is dry.J is very particular about his hair styling products. They have to be strong-hold but not make his hair hard, moisturising but matte, and last the entire day without having to be restyled. It takes a lot for a product to make it into his rotation, and I wanted to know if this particular cream would make the cut.

Here are our collective thoughts on the American Crew Ultramatte:

The squeeze tube is definitely convenient – it’s easier to get product out, and takes up a lot less space on the shelf compared to ones that come in a tub (that means more space for my girly products, yay!).

The product itself has a little slip when you first put it on, and smells good. It’s not a very husky, manly scent, but it is very pleasant and doesn’t smell too girly. I don’t know what it is about men and their constant need to be masculine, so at least you know that your guy won’t be put off by the smell.
When you first put it on, it doesn’t look as matte as you would expect, but wait a few minutes, and it dries down to a nice, not-at-all-glossy finish, which is perfect for J, because he hates gloss in his hair.

Overall, this product does what it says. J recommends it for people who don’t want spiky hair, because the hold on this product is only medium, so it would work really well if you want some texture and moderate hold in your hair (e.g. McDreamy or Matt Bomer type hair).
If, like J, you hate that glossy/greasy look, then definitely try this hair gel because it has a great matte finish no matter how much product you load onto your hair.
If you’re the type who likes stronger hold, or more texture in your hair, then this might not be the product for you.

This would be the perfect gift for Father’s Day, which is coming up in a couple of months here in Australia. Medium hold, matte finish sounds just about right for fathers, don’t you think?