The IT industry globally is developing at a faster pace and it has generated near $5 trillion in profits in the international economy. As there is a remarkable rise in the IT markets, so the IT companies nowadays are striving to hire some IT experts in their businesses and companies so that they can survive in the technological and IT company’s competition worldwide. 

In the current scenario, the IT sector needs new specialists in their companies as the IT trends have been tremendously changed and will continue to be changing in the coming years. So, there is a need for new technological experts to maintain the growth of IT industries. 

In the coming years, a lot of changes and developments will be witnessed in mobile applications, machine learning, and data science field. 

So, it’s vivid that the IT companies nowadays are in full need of hiring new staff and IT specialists in their prospective industries. The most in-demand positions IT companies need in the current scenario to cope up with the competitive IT culture are written as under – 

  1.  Web Developers or Web fashionistas – 

The Current IT companies in Ludhiana are looking for the most efficient and creative Web fashionistas who will have the following abilities – 

  • Capable of building highly functional webpages
  • Building the websites which can also be operated on tablets and smartphones.
  •  The web developers who will be having the best Java Programming language skills.

The recent IT companies in Ludhiana are also in search of productive web programmers who would be able to filter dynamic effects in the websites, working for SEO friendly elements for the websites, building cross-browser compatibility. 

  1.   The IT companies are also looking for Data scientists – 

Business intelligence analysts or data scientists are high-demanded personnel nowadays in the IT sector. This demand will continue to burgeon also in the next two decades. The Future IT market statistics show that the new data scientists will take the IT sectors to the growth rate more than 21 % in the upcoming years with the annual revenue expected about $ 12 million by the year 2020. 

But the companies are not making continuous growth because of a lack of trained IT personnel and the salary they demand. 

The people who want to become great data scientists should take classes of advanced computer science and technology statistics. 

  1. Machine learning – 

When all the concepts like computer science, statistics, mathematics, and artificial intelligence merge up, then the concept which generates is called Machine learning. Nowadays, machine learning is a very important phenomenon in IT companies in Ludhiana. 

Machine learning is on the rise because it helps to automate the variety of tasks. With the help of machine learning, the engineers can write an algorithm which can direct the computers how to run different programs.

The companies are very keen to hire a person who has knowledge of machine learning. It is also estimated that in the coming years, all the functions such as logistics, retail as well as manufacturing will be carried through Artificial intelligence in the future. 

  1. Software developers – The IT companies are in need of highly efficient software developers as the companies biggest and smallest operations are run via software. So, companies need software professionals to burgeon their company’s productivity nowadays. it has been analyzed that the software market has generated revenue of about $ 481 million in the year 2019. 
  2. Mobile app developers – The IT companies are now working to have the best mobile app developers as most of the work now is done via mobile applications. With the increased functionality of mobile apps, Mobile app developers are becoming the biggest role in demand among IT companies in the present scenario. The best mobile app developers will be able to run all the apps on both the operating systems of mobile phones such as Android and iOS. 
  3. UX Design experts – UX Designers refers to the User Experience experts and US designers work for creating software that will work best for the end-users. In other words, the users will confront no technical problems when they will use UX designed software. Apple is the leading example of a quality UX design. Apple is considered to be the best brand which has provided so many user-friendly products to its users. Apple products come with little to no learning twist. 

The IT companies are willing to recruit UX designers so that their customers will feel contented and satisfied. 

  1.  UI experts (User Interface) experts – The User interface designers are in great demand nowadays among IT companies as the customers often love to use the software which has an attractive appearance. The best example of User Interface Design is audio streaming Spotify which is very famous for its navigation features.
  2. Software Security Providers – With the technological rise, various cyber crimes have been witnessed and it has become extremely important for the IT companies to hire Software Security Providers. With the advent of IoT and cloud computing, a range of data is stored online which can also be stolen. So, there is a need for best and efficient software security providers in IT companies nowadays. 
  3.  Software Engineers in Test – This is also the major role that is demanded by most of the IT industries in the current era. The Software Engineers are capable of writing the automated software which will look for the problems in advance that can arise in the software. 
  4. Manual testers – These experts do not need any specific technical skill but they are manual testers who will be responsible for testing the software functionality, identify the broken pathways for which they will have to complete the black and white box testing, system testing and unit testing. 

So, tech companies are doubling their efforts to hire efficient tech workers. But due to a lack of trained IT personnel, the IT companies are recruiting the IT staff from outsourcing partners. The managers should look for the best strategies to hire expert IT personnel in their companies if they want their companies to grow at a larger scale.