The presentation of the box can be made beautiful and elegant by wrapping and designing in different ways. There are many kinds of ways to wrap the packaging. The procedure to wrap is stated as follows. Collecting the Material. The first necessary thing is to gather the materials. You need wrapping paper, scissor, tape, glue, wrap boxes, decorative materials (you like), cards, and ribbons.

Cutting the Paper for Lid
Now take the paper and lay the lid on this paper. Cut the paper according to the size of the lid. Cut for the upper and bottom sides of lid. 

Covering the Lid
The wrap packaging with lid is not difficult task. You just need to do with great care. Now wrap the cover you cut on the lid. Fold the paper from the edges towards the inside of the lid. You can stick the paper with the help of glue or tape. After doing this, wrap the lid from inside. Stick the paper with glue or tape gently. the paper should be part of the lid. Tape all the sides and edges perfectly. The paper should not be damaged from any side or edge. Now the lid is ready. You can make it more beautiful by using colorful wrapping tape. You can stick card on the lid. The greetings can be written on the card. You can also use other decorative materials according to the events and your products. you can sell gift wrap wholesale boxes during various festivals. 

Wrapping the Box

Now wrap the box with the wrapping paper. Cut the paper to wrap my gift box with exact measurement. Stick the paper in all the sides. Fold the paper from edges. You can use many kinds of wrapping paper. You can also take the different colors of paper for box and lid. It would be beautiful to use the combination. The impression will be wonderful.
Decorating the Wrapping

You can use simple paper and then decorate with various things. The pearls can be applied on the wrapping. The beautiful laces and tapes can be stick in differentiated shapes. You can use flowers natural or artificial. The flowers will make your packaging outstanding. You can express your feelings and emotions easily by decorating the gift as you feel and think. It is the best way to show your love and expressions. You can expand the business of wholesale gift wrap supplies by offering versatile decorated packs. 

Printing Typography

The printed paper with texts is available in the market if you want to print the text of your own choice. There is no need to get worry. You can print the text on the paper through digital or 3D printing techniques. They are economical and fascinating as well. the greetings and message can be printed in modern and unique styles. You can print the paper before wrapping it. After printing, cut the paper and wrap it as you want. You can convey your feelings in a very surprising way to your family, friends, and relatives. 

Using Fabric

The fabric can be used instead of paper to wrap the packaging. The fabric is available at home. You can use velvet, silk, and net or this purpose. You can only use fabric for the lid. It would be fantastic to apply fabric on lid. The fabrics are printed in versatile designs. You can use it for wedding gift bags, bridal shower gift packs, and birthday gift boxes. You can make your gift superb by wrapping distinguished fabric to the box. 

Customizing Wrapping Designs
The customization will give an opportunity to the customer and sellers to wrap the packaging in distinct ways. Everyone can share their ideas. You will get varying methods to wrap the bags. You should offer custom designs. by doing this, your wholesale wrapping gifts business can be flourished. These are wonderful ways to wrap gifts.