These days using the internet is widely being used for studying. Technology has changed and is extensively used in the education sector and e-learning is a great example of that. Students learns accurately when they are being guided by a supervisor or instructor, but what happens the students have to do it by themselves? Being from an internet savvy generation, it is quite complex and difficult for the students to stay away from the internet or social media. 

Does it happen with you, when you open the internet for studying but after a considerable time you find yourself on one of the social media platforms? If that happens with you, then you need to change it and for the better. It is okay to use the internet for personal use other than studying it for hours. But it should be done in a limit. As the use of the internet has curtailed many traditional things, students now prefer to study over the internet rather than going to a library and searching for a book. 

You need to make sure that you make efficient use of the internet when you are studying it. As there are a number of things on the internet, if you focused on studying, then you can find a number of things that are meaningful and knowledge. But the question is how? Here are the points mentioned in the article that you can use to make efficient use of the internet while you are studying.  

Tips to Use Internet Efficient While Studying 

The use of the internet can be really beneficial if it is used in a proper manner and with proper intention. Follow these points to learn more. 

  1. Make a schedule – Whenever you have to use the internet, divide your whole time. First, you need to calculate the amount of time you are going to spend on the internet. Once, you have figured it out, then divide your time. Making a schedule will help to manage your time on the internet and how it can be used. To make the optimum utilization of time, divide the time slots and assign the work to be done in them.
    For instance, if you have to do three things using the internet, they are completing an assignment, preparing notes and make a presentation. You can dedicate an hour to each work and then make sure you are trying your best to complete the task within an hour. In this manner, more work can be done. Also, time and the internet can be used efficiently. 
  1. Take frequent breaks – No matter what you are doing, taking breaks is important. Breaks help you to refresh your mind and energy so that when you get back to work, you are feeling more lively and vibrant. Now students should keep in consideration that taking frequent breaks does not mean to take a break every 5 to 10 minutes. You can take a break after every hour or 45 minutes for about 5 to 10 minutes.
    It will be beneficial for you and also get your work done without getting bored. But in order to use this break time efficiently, you can take quizzes to take a break. Quizzes that are education or subject-oriented can be played in the break time. For instance, if you are studying geography or science, you can play quizzes that are related to it. Also, you can search for scientific or geographic facts to make more productive use of time. In this way, time will be used in a more productive manner. 
  1. Get rid of distractions – It’s no denying how distracting the internet can be when you are trying to studying. The minute you start studying, a notification pops-up, and the next minute you end up using your social media. This must be avoided for an efficient study session. You can’t turn off your internet as you need it for studying. In such cases, you can open the application setting and turn off its notification. This will help you to stay away from distractions.
    For instance, if you are addicted to using WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram, open settings, go to applications, find the application and go to notifications setting and turn it off. In this way, there will be no distractions disturbing you while you are studying. 
  1. Block distracting sites – This is the other thing you can do if you are studying using a desktop or laptop. A number of distracting sites pop-up as soon as you turn the internet on. There are different software programs available for blocking advertisements. You can download them and then block all the sites that are disturbing you when you are trying to study. This can be avoided and by following the above-mentioned method. In this way, you can stay away from distractions. Another thing you can do is use incognito for personal searches.
    When you are using incognito mode for searching something, then you don’t get a notification, you can also use incognito mode for studying. But remember it does not save your search history, hence, if you find an informational site while studying make sure you bookmark (Hush-private bookmarking) it or note it down somewhere to avoid wasting time in searching it again. 
  1. Motivate yourself – Self-motivation is important to get done with the work done. Keeping yourself focused will allow you to do more work in less time and help you in effective utilization of time. If you are not willing to do something within, then achieving results might not be possible. If you are studying, then keep studying, don’t get distracted or don’t let the distractions distract you. As soon as a distraction occurs, remind yourself about the task you were doing and continue with it. Following this will really help you in completing your work and prevent you from wasting time. 
  1. Reward yourself – A great way to handle distractions is to reward yourself. These rewards will be distractions. Rewards are a motivating factor, hence, one can easily get their work done through rewards. It will help you in studying. The things that distract you like a friend’s message, a video recommendation, etc., make them your reward. Set up a studying target and then reward yourself. For instance, if there are two pages to study, then reward yourself after every page. Use your curiosity to complete the task and get the reward. 
  1. Learn researching skills – a lot of time gets wasted in researching. One should learn how to research well and so that they can save their time. You must learn some good websites that provide you with quality information that is accurate as well as reliable. It happens many times while researching that you end up on the wrong page and get distracted. To avoid distraction and wastage of time, it is better to learn this skill and use it. It will save both time and effort. 
  1. Commit – When doing a certain task, it is necessary that you commit to it. When you do so, you will easily be able to complete it. Also, the things that distract you would not distract you once you are committed. With commitment, anything can be achieved. It similar to motivation, if you keep on saying I have to do this, you will definitely do it. 

Author Bio – I am Leeza Keen, an aspiring Content Writer. As writing is my hobby I write various articles and blogs for IT companies. I have been in this field for 10 years. Also, I help students in their writing who lack writing skills by offering them assignment help Melbourne. My leisure time is spent reading books or watching movies.