Summers, beach, fishing or driving, there is one thing that you must never forget to carry with you. That is nothing but your good old buddy, protection gear for your eyes. Yes, we are talking about a pair of sunglasses which act as a shield to safeguard your eyes. Not only against the sunlight but also against the harsh weather conditions, many sunglasses shape can act as a beauty boost. 

Sunglasses are your trusted friend and not seasonal buddies. Be it summers, winters or autumn, it is absolutely important to protect your eyes with sunglasses just like you cover the other parts of the body. Irrespective of the season and the variation of temperature in the season, these sunglasses are a saviour to your eyes.


Various sunglasses shape is available to magnificently enhance your beauty along with providing the necessary defence mechanism. The benefits offered by a perfect pair of sunglasses cannot be ignored. Ranging from preventing the eyes against UV rays, glares, reflection, dirt, dust, strong winds, chilly air, etc., sunglasses also help in keeping some of the severe eye ailments at bay.  With the regular use of sunglasses, you save yourself from the occurrence of diseases such as macular degeneration, migraine, cataract, and retinal damage.


Many people are not habitual of using sunglasses every time they step outside the house. This regime should be changed and sunglasses should be used religiously whenever possible.  50% of people wear wrong sunglasses for face shape, hence, it is equally important to choose sunglasses that suits the shape of your face. Else, it is going to either enhance the flaws or will not accentuate the features of your face.  Thus, laid down below are simple guidelines that you must follow while selecting sunglasses according to your face shape. To find out what kind of face shape you have, check out our blog on ‘’sunglasses for face shape”

1)   Round shape face

If you have a round shape of the face, the safest bet is to wear sunglasses that do not have curves, instead opt of sunglasses with pointed corners and angles. Sunglasses having pointed geometrical shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle or D-shape look perfect on the round face to make it edgy.  Besides, cat eyes, wayfarer, aviators, and butterfly sunglasses with extended pointed temples also boost the beauty of the round face. Use a lot of colours, prints and patterns, ranging from bold plastic frames to thin metallic wires for that attention-seeker pair of sunglasses. Avoid wearing round or oval shapes sunglasses

2)   Rectangle or square shape face

The identical features of the rectangle or square shape face are the presence of angles on the face. Therefore, to soften the angles, you need sunglasses shape that has rounded and curved features such as round sunglasses, oval, aviator sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses and browline with curves are another name for bold, vintage and grace including half rim and rimless styles. Stay away from rectangular and square shape sunglasses.

3)   Oblong face or oval shape face

With oblong or oval face shape it is suggested to wear sunglasses that are neither too small nor too large than the face shape. In fact, maximum sunglasses shape goes hand in hand with the oval face shape. Accordingly, sunglasses with little edges and pointed features in the shape or rectangle, wayfarer sunglasses, browline, and even double bridge glasses in plastic, half rim and rimless. These glasses will make a longer face look wides and equally proportionate. Classic hipster glasses are the best way to enhance your looks.

4)   Heart shape face

The beauty of the heart shape face goes a long way with the sunglasses frames that are rounded from the bottom but are pointed from the temples. Thus, cat eyes are a big NO. Your trusted buddies can be a wayfarer, aviators, cat eyes, round and oval sunglasses for a bold and vintage appearance.

5)   Diamond shape face

Oblong or diamond needs complimenting unique sunglasses for a stylish. Hence, go for rounded eyeglasses to hide away the pointed flaws of the face shape such as round, oval, cat eyes, octagon shape, butterfly and tear-drop shapes. The key is to go for sunglasses that have a rounded bottom.