Employee monitoring is an important aspect for business organizations because it puts direct impact on the company income. If your workers are not giving their best, you cannot achieve your targets. The employers are required to supervise the activities of employees during the working hours. It helps to keep them from unproductive and unnecessary chores like gossips, unauthorized data transfer and workplace harassment. This article discusses how employers can make use of a software application to keep an eye on workforce. 

Employee Monitoring

The supervision of workers during duty hours is significant to monitor, track and boost productivity. The unsupervised workforce is likely to kill the working hours doing unproductive activities like online shopping, streaming of social media, music and video sites. There are different tools to monitor employee activities including software and apps. The employee tracking software lets them know what their workers do on their computers. It helps to identify unproductive activities. They can track the internet usage of employees to prevent them from visiting unproductive websites. Moreover, the employee monitoring tool helps to monitor activities performed in the vicinity of the company-owned digital devices.  

Windows Screen Recorder App

Do you want to know what your employees are doing on their computer systems in real-time? The software screen recording for Windows computers lets you find it out. By installing the recorder app on the company-owned computers or other digital devices, you can keep an eye on digital activities of your employees. The software lets you know what actions are being performed by a particular worker on his/her computer. 

You can find out if your employees are executing assigned tasks or using the computer for personal or recreational purposes. By keeping an eye on the computer screens of employees, you can restrict them from getting involved in any objectionable or forbidden act. You can supervise their chats, social media activities, internet usage and use of offline programs. Whatsoever they do can be witnessed and captured with the help of live screen recording on Windows computer.  

How Screen Recorder App Works

The screen recording app works with secrecy and great efficiency. It allows capturing screen of the targeted computer device without letting your workers know. Once you install the screen recording app on company-owned computer devices, you can track and control the device without access. The software comes with a web portal through which the end-user can send command to the targeted computer device. 

How to Use Windows Screen Recorder

It is very convenient to record screen of a Windows computer using the screen recorder app. To keep a secret eye on the computer device of your employees, you need to install their devices with the screen recorder app. You can download the software from the official website of the Windows screen recorder software. 

After downloading and installing the TheOneSpy software on the targeted computer, you do not need to take the device into possession. The user can log into the web portal or online control panel of the software to send command for screen recording. The subscriber of the screen recorder app is provided with credentials to log into the web control panel. By using these credentials, the user can sign into the portal on any computer or mobile phone device.

After logging into the web portal, the user can find a main menu. Find the screen recorder feature in the main menu to send command to the targeted device. The software lets you capture screen of the targeted computer device for a predetermined time. Select the duration for which you want to record screen of the targeted computer and tap OK. It is pertinent to mention that your device must be connected to the internet to send command for screen recording.

On receiving command for screen recording, the targeted device starts developing a short video of the screen. It captures whatever appears on the screen and uploads to the online control panel. The receiving device must also be connected to the internet to execute your command.    

Compatible Devices

The screen recorder software is compatible with desktop and laptop computers running Windows operating system. Using the software, you can capture screen of any Samsung, LG, Dell, HP, Acer and Sony computer running Windows 7, 8 and 10.   

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