Like most of the people you might find a sense of trouble with the hair you possess. Now do you feel that you are lacking somewhere? Now before you are planning to use the best shampoo for dry scalp India are you aware of your hair type. If you are not aware then you have to figure out the hair type that you go on to possess.

The time is right for you to know your hair type. Once you are aware of your hair type it is possible to restore to the best of solutions. Certainly it is not going to pose a lot of trouble to find a right product once the hair type is figured out. The market is filled with plenty of hair care products offering endless amount of solutions. In fact the type of hair is going to determine the type of solution that you have to use.

Numerous factors come into consideration as far as your hair type is concerned. This includes diameter, density elasticity and curl pattern. Before you are anxious to be aware on the hair type you go on to possess there are some interesting methods that you can adopt to figure out your hair type. No point to waste your time and dive into the world of knowledge straight away.

The density of the hair

Have you ever given a though to the density of your hair. In fact the amount of hair that you have on your hair is a fair reflection of the density of your hair. In the midst of this the thickness of your hair differs from the density. Once you are able to figure out your hair type it becomes easy to design a solution for your needs.

There could be individual hair strands on your scalp and the concept of your hair can be divided into three layers of density. In order to discover the type of hair you possess it is possible to conduct a mirror test. Just you have to embrace a chunk of hair and pull it in one side.

Thick hair

If you are able to feel the hair strain between your fingers then you have thick hair. Still if you are not sure about the type of hair you are going to possess then compare it to a sewing thread. Just you need to keep a hair strand to the length of a thread.


Have you ever given a thought to the porosity of your hair?  This defines the capability of the hair to preserve and absorb moisture. It also showcases the ability of the hair to absorb products. If the porosity is high you possess the ability to absorb more moisture.

The moment you are able to figure out the porosity of the hair, it does help to choose the right kind of products for your hair. If you are keen to know the degree of porosity of your hair, you have to plunge a single strand of hair in a glass of water.

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