Almonds are enriched with various types of vitamins and minerals and not just used for eating purposes but are also used in the oil form for various purposes. Due to its great nutritive values and health benefits, it has been in great demand. These have various health benefits.

Various benefits of badam rogan oil are: –

  • Dark circles: – Dark circles generally occur due to irregular sleeping patterns or lack of sleep and even exposure to the sun. Hence, these can be cured by rogan badam oil for dark circles which is very helpful and effective for the same.
  • Chapped lips and dry skin: – The chapped lips or dry skin can be easily nourished or moisturized with the help of this oil. It also helps in getting rid of stretch marks, if applied daily.
  • Inflammatory skin diseases: – It is also helpful in reducing inflammatory skin diseases.
  • Blemishes: – As almond oil is very good for skin and it helps in nourishing and providing a glow to the skin by getting rid of blemishes or scars. This is because massaging with almond oil will help in removing dead skin.
  • Wrinkles: – wrinkles occur due to aging or lack of sleep or high exposure to skin. Hence, these can be cured with the help of almond oil.
  • Constipation: – almond oil also helps in getting rid of constipation and other stomach related problems due to its natural laxative effects.
  • Migraine and headache: – almond oil is very good for massaging purpose and with its help migraine and headache can be reduced.
  • Fights dandruff: – dandruff is nothing but the dry flakes of skin. It can be prevented or treated with the help of regular hair wash and by applying almond oil regularly.

Different ways of using almond oil: –

  • As a makeup remover: – to use almond oil as a makeup remover, take a small amount of oil in palm and apply it over the areas where the makeup must be removed. Then remove the oil with the help of a cotton ball. Then to cleanse the face use cleaner.
  • As a cleaner: – mix almond oil with other beneficial oils such as lemon oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, etc. Apply it on the face and then cleanse it with warm water.
  • As a moisturizer: – while using it as a moisturizer, apply it on the face. There is no need to wash the face after applying it.
  • For a health purpose: – forgetting its health or nutritive benefits, take one or two spoons of almond oil with warm milk at night. For best results use it regularly.

Storage: – Store it in a dry and cool place and protect it from direct exposure of the sun. keep it tightly capped after every use.

Hence, these are the different ways in which the ayurvedic badam rogan oil can be used. Moreover, if bought from a reliable and trusted brand, then it is free from chemicals, preservatives and has no side effects. Otherwise, it can also affect the body negatively. It is also good for the mind as it helps in making it sharp. It can also be ordered online.