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How to Make Efficient Use of Internet While Studying

These days using the internet is widely being used for studying. Technology has changed and is extensively used in the education sector and e-learning is a great example of that. Students learns accurately when they are being guided by a supervisor or instructor, but what happens the students have to do it by themselves? Being from an internet savvy generation, it is quite complex and difficult for the students to stay away from the internet or social media.  Does it happen with you, when you open the internet for studying but after a considerable time you find yourself on...

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Why Admins Stick To cPanel Web Controllers?

We all know how powerful Linux is. It has been more than 22 years since its release in 1996, cPanel remains the most popular web host control panel. A lot of control panels were rolled out for just Linux in last 2 decades, but cPanel outshone them all. In this article, we will discuss some attributes make cPanel so irresistible for admins to not use. Ease of use and system requirements CPanel is very easy to install and use. It boasts of a Graphical User Interface that has made its functions intuitive, requiring no special skill-set to learn CPanel....

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The Declaration of Independence as Seen by a Freed Slave

Essay sample was written by personal statement writer service: The Declaration of Independence, which was written by a young lawyer from Virginia named Thomas Jefferson, is on its face, an announcement to the leaders of the United Kingdom, and the rest of the world, of the decision by the British colonies in America to, in essence, separate from the U.K., and from that day forward refuse to recognize and accept British authority. Indeed, one of the lasting impacts of the document was that it identified the American willingness to fight for what the people believe is right, even in...

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Latest in-demand Roles for IT Industry

The IT industry globally is developing at a faster pace and it has generated near $5 trillion in profits in the international economy. As there is a remarkable rise in the IT markets, so the IT companies nowadays are striving to hire some IT experts in their businesses and companies so that they can survive in the technological and IT company’s competition worldwide.  In the current scenario, the IT sector needs new specialists in their companies as the IT trends have been tremendously changed and will continue to be changing in the coming years. So, there is a need...

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Why is First Call Resolution a better call center metric than Average Handling Time?

Today, customers are becoming an extremely critical element of every business. Considering this, call centers are introducing a lot of metrics that are needed to measure the performance at a different level. One such metric is AHT or average handling time. This metric is known to be a key performance indicator or KPI that is becoming out-of-date to assess the performance of a BPO firm. A call center service provider in India, Philippines, or China is quite focused on following the score of the KPIs. The metric AHT is focused on the cost instead of customers. But, the main...

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