If you are about to make a massive investment in packaging and you have already decided which material you will be considering, you are already through the first step. Now you only need to figure out a few more things until you come up with excellent packaging and custom cardboard boxes for your business. Choosing tables is no big deal, but getting them customized according to your requirements is a lot of challenges. The seven steps below will help you find the best match for packaging shipping your retail goods or your logistics business!

Scale of business

Are you a whole enterprise, or are you a small scale business with room for the experiment? Is your company a logistics business, or are you choosing to package for your retail brand? Shipping cardboard boxes for logistics and retails are different because logistics have more responsibility and retail packaging is wrapped and boxed in a logistics and special shipping box so if you are going for retail packaging, choose the type that is fancier and classier but if its logistics and shipping business then goes for what represents strength!

What are you willing to invest?

Your investment margin can get you to places, but the good thing with cardboard is that it is already very low priced, and there is a lot you can do with cardboard packaging customization. Still, the more you invest, the better your packaging will be. If your budget is low, keep the box sturdy on the base and medium quality on the top. If your boxes are high budget, then the sky is the limit! 

What sets your business apart

Every brand has this value and set of benefits that other brands aren’t offering the consumer, determine your USP, find out what is this thing that people need and then make sure that the packaging is depicting that exact thing too because this is what the buyer will see when they receive your product, leave then in awe with thoughtful packaging and keep their expectation high with the product, a positive unboxing will leave a positive impact on the product too. Not all retail brands are focusing on consumer experience, and packaging is something that markets your brand for free. Word of mouth spreads like fire whether the customer had a good experience or a bad one.

How many boxes do you need?

In this context, you need to know the different sizes and shapes you need, what will be the possible size of average orders, whether you will be shipping our multiple things in one box or you will ship single items which entirely depends on the product you are selling like no one would want to order an only lipstick or 8 Huda Beauty Palettes you know! Custom printed cardboard boxes can be manufactured over and over again on your requirements, but you save up a lot on large orders, so if you are able to order in large quantity you will save more. Get several boxes in different sizes, so you’ll know which sizes will you need more of.

Who is your customer

Every brand has his customers decided; some will be just women, some will target everyone in a specific age group where some might focus a professional or even a religion or geographical location, once you figure that out you will know what they get more attracted to and what would they like to receive. 

What kind of impression do you want to leave?

The impression you leave on the buyer will determine whether or not he’s coming back to purchase your item ever again. If he received spoiled or damaged merchandise, and even if you refund or replace, will he ever be coming right back to you? We guess not! So, be sure to get very sturdy boxes for shipping!

How soon do you need to restock?

How much do you want to spend smartly on cardboard manufacturing and retail boxes for shipping needs to be determined, and later you need to find out how soon will the restock be happening. If you are restocking soon and you order in small batches, you will be able to save experiment with packaging but it will cost you more.